Past Events

May 18, 2021 Marital Property Character of Property After a Change of Domicile or Shift in Situs
Dr. Tom Featherson
April 20, 2021 Top Tips for Successful Zoomediations of Probate, Trust and Estate Disputes
Ross Stoddard and John Shipp
March 16, 2021 How to Avoid and What to do if Audited by the IRS
Michael Gregory
February 16, 2021 Special Charitable Financial Planning Opportunities in 2021
Dr. Russell James, III
January 19, 2021 Top Ten Estate Planning Lessons from Celebrities
Eido M. Walny
December 15, 2020 Effects of COVID on Underwriting & Premium Financing of Life Insurance
Mike Olsen
November 17, 2020 Cyber Estate Planning and Administration
Professor Gerry Beyer
October 20, 2020 2020 Midyear Outlook
Kurt Reiman, BlackRock Investment Institute
August 11, 2020 Board of Governors Meeting
May 19, 2020 Auditing Life Insurance: be a Trusted Advisor
David A. Means, Managing Partner of DeNovo Advisory Group
April 21, 2020 Webinar - Professional Collaboration: The Rock Star versus the Whole Band
Prof. Heidi K. Gardner
March 17, 2020 WEBINAR (LUNCHEON AT SACC CANCELLED) IRS Estate and Gift Tax Examinations in the age of Higher Exemptions
Joel Crouch, Meadows Collier
February 18, 2020 Planning for Incapacity
Debbie Pearson
February 13, 2020 Docket Call (February 13-14, 2020)
Witte Museum-Mays Family Center
January 21, 2020 Millennial Mindset
Dr. Nathan Harness
December 17, 2019 State Law Pitfalls: Don't Step in it When Your Clients Step Across State Lines
Prof. Gerry Beyer
November 19, 2019 Is There Meat in Those Beans? The 2019 Texas Estate and Trust Legislative Update
William D. Pargaman
November 13, 2019 Speed Networking Mixer - NEW FORMAT - Deadline to Register 11/07/19 at 5PM
October 15, 2019 Charitable Remainder Trust with an Option of Using Income Tax Savings to Convert to a Roth IRA
Michael W. Halloran, Northwestern Mutual
September 11, 2019 Kick-Off Mixer
May 21, 2019 Behavioral Finance
Tim S. Griesdorn, Ph.D.
April 30, 2019 Network Social
April 16, 2019 Planning for Public Benefits
Kelley Bentley, Attorney
March 19, 2019 Simplicity - in Estate Planner's "White Whale": Planning Ideas for the (Currently) Non-Taxable Estate
Brett Berly and Kaili E. Cusack
February 19, 2019 Beneficiary Designations--How to Get Back at Your Family!
Paul S. Viren, CLU, ChFC, AEP
January 15, 2019 Protection of Senior Texans
Steven Robinson, Texas Attorney General
December 18, 2018 Fiduciary Pitfalls
Sarah Patel Pacheco
November 20, 2018 Fundraising Trends, Ventures, and Traps for the Unwary
Jonathan S.Blum
October 16, 2018 'Til Death Do Us Part'-Planning with Retirement Accounts for Married Participants
Jason Flaherty, Attorney
September 12, 2018 Annual Kick-Off Mixer at the Witte Museum
June 26, 2018 Oil and Gas Valuation for Estate and Gift
C.P. Schumann
May 15, 2018 The Texas Wildlife Management Property Tax Valuation
Shane Kiefer, CWB
April 17, 2018 The Stevenson Companion Animal Life-Care Center and Update on the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University
Henry L. (Sonny) Presnal, DVM
March 27, 2018 Network Social
March 20, 2018 Family Advancement Sustainability Trust ("F.A.S.T.") Investing in Your Family not Distributing to Your Family
Marvin E. Blum and Thomas C. Rogerson
February 20, 2018 Trumping Uncertainty
Thomas Pauloski
February 15, 2018 2018 Docket Call in Probate Court (Feb. 15-16, 2018)
December 19, 2017 1031 Exchange Overview
Carl Pikus/Craig Brown
November 21, 2017 ALT CTRL DELETE: Protecting Your Digital Legacy Under the New Texas Law
Mark R. Parthemer
October 17, 2017 Texas Legislation Update
Prof. Gerry W. Beyer
September 27, 2017 25th Annual Estate & Charitable Gift Planning Institute - Renewing Your Estate Planning Vows
September 19, 2017 Kick-Off Mixer - The McNay Art Museum
June 14, 2017 NAEPC Webinar - A Potpourri of Planning Ideas with Life Insurance
Lee J. Slavutin, MD, CLU, AEP
May 16, 2017 Windmill Leases
Raul Leal, JD
May 3, 2017 Network Social - Paesano's Lincoln Heights
April 18, 2017 Current and Anticipated Trends in Transfer Tax Litigation
William "Trey" Cousins
March 21, 2017 Financial Exploitation - If It's Not Your Money, It's a Crime
Lisa Senteno and Sonia Samples
February 21, 2017 Consider ESOPs as an Estate Plan Component for Business Owners
Kelly O. Finnell
January 17, 2017 Recent Developments Affecting Estate Planning
Dr. Stanley M. Johanson
December 20, 2016 ARTful Planning What You Need to Know About Your Clients' Art Assets
Bonnie Brennan, Christies
November 22, 2016 2016 In Review: A Charitable Planning Update
Ramsay Slugg, US Trust
November 17, 2016 Network Social Event - Vogt Auction
October 25, 2016 HOSTED BY UTHSC - The Reinvention of Rebranding of a Classic: Forget Everything you Think you Know about Charitable Lead Trusts
Lani Starkey, JD, LLM CPA & Randy Huston, CFP
October 11, 2016 The Value of Social Security in Estate Planning
Oscar Garcia
September 21, 2016 HOSTED BY SAAF - Estate & Charitable Gift Planning Institute
Samuel A. Donaldson and Ann Burns
September 13, 2016 Kick-Off Mixer - The DoSeum - SA Museum for Kids
May 24, 2016 Networking Social
May 17, 2016 Privacy, Security & My Livelihood: What Every Estate Planning Attorney Should be Aware of
Ted Murphree
May 13, 2016 Corpus Christi 43rd Annual Estate Planning Seminar
April 19, 2016 Partnership Freeze as an Alternative to a GRAT or SGT
Lawrence J. Macklin, U.S. Trust, Bank of America Wealth Management
March 15, 2016 2016 Texas Economic Outlook: Riding the Energy Roller Coaster
Keith R. Phillips, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
February 16, 2016 A Framework for Approaching Life Insurance in the High Net Worth Context
Edmund Perry, Capital Strategies
February 11, 2016 Docket Call - 02/11/2016 - 02/12/2016
February 2, 2016 Network Social
January 19, 2016 Current Challenges in the Credible Valuation of Water Rights in Texas
Charles R. Porter
December 15, 2015 Estate Planning Current Developments
Stephen R. Akers, Bessemer Trust
November 24, 2015 Distribution Provisions: Say What You Mean - Mean What You Say
Leslie Keifer Amann, Sentinel Trust
October 20, 2015 Texas Agriculture Land Trust
Blair Fitzsimons, Texas Agriculture Land Trust
September 24, 2015 Kick-Off Mixer
May 20, 2015 Network Social
May 19, 2015 Cyber Estate Planning and Administration
Professor Gerry W. Beyer
April 21, 2015 What We Have Learned from Litigating FLP's
William R. Cousins, III
March 17, 2015 Planning for the 3.8% Surtax and the 20% Tax on Trust Capital Gains
John Goldsbury
February 17, 2015 US--Mexico Cross-Border Estate Planning: Planning Techniques from a U.S. and Mexican Perspective
Michael Baldwin
January 20, 2015 Recent Developments Affecting Estate Planning
Professor Stanley Johanson
December 16, 2014 Risk Management and the Evaluation of Life Insurance Policies For the Professional and Amateur Trustee, And Anyone Else Who is Interested
Gary L. Flotron, MBA, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP®
November 18, 2014 Busi. Succession Issues Involving 2nd or 3rd Generations that have no Desire to be Partners
Gregory T. Kimmel
October 21, 2014 Mineral Estate Evaluations
Malcolm Wardlaw, P.E., Petroleum Consultants of Texas
September 16, 2014 KICK-OFF MIXER-VIEW GALLERIES 5:30-8:00PM
December 17, 2013 Recent Developments Affecting Estate Planning
Prof. Stanley Johanson
November 19, 2013 SAEPC - Network Social (Happy Hour)
October 22, 2013 Captive Insurance Companies: The Next Estate Planning Frontier
Philip J. Tortorich, Katten Muchin Rosenman, LLP
May 21, 2013 How to Work with the IRS: Strategies for Estate and Gift Tax Attorneys
Michael Gregory
April 16, 2013 Business and Estate Documents - Coordinating Planning
Bill Stark
March 19, 2013 Second Generation Estate Planning Human Side of Estate Planning
Marjorie Stephens
February 19, 2013 Life Insurance Audit - Formalized Policy Review
Dan Chamberlin
January 15, 2013 Recent Developments Affecting Estate Planning
Prof. Stanley Johanson, JD
December 18, 2012 Legal Smarts for Families with Special Needs Children Guardianship Government Benefits Special Needs
Julia Nickerson, Attorney - Nickerson Law Group
November 20, 2012 What I Would Like To Know About The Life Insurance Business If I Didn't Already Know It
Clark McCleary
October 16, 2012 Fiduciary Standard of Care
Robert Rafter
September 18, 2012 Kick-Off Mixer
May 15, 2012 Estate Planning for Multi-National Families
Patrick W. Martin, JD - Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch, LLP
April 17, 2012 Discretionary Distributions, Old Rules and New Perspectives
Leslie Kiefer Amann, JD - Sentinel Trust Company
March 20, 2012 Practical Estate Planning for Oil and Gas Royalty Owners
Karen S. Schmidt, CPA, PLLC and Kristi Franklin Hyatt, JD of Davis, Gerald & Cremer, PC
February 21, 2012 An Estate Planner's View of Life Insurance and Annuity Products for Medium-size Estates
Michael F. Amoia, JD, LLM, CFP, CLU, ChFC - Crump Life Insurance Svcs. and Potomac Affluent Markets
January 17, 2012 Recent Developments in Estate Planning
Prof. Stanley M. Johanson, JD - The University of Texas School of Law
December 20, 2011 Valuation and Sale of Artwork and Collectibles
Mark Prendergast - Heritage Auctions, Director of Business Development and Trusts & Estates
November 15, 2011 An Overview of Elder Law and Medicaid Administration
Wesley E. Wright, JD - Wright Abshire, Attorneys
October 18, 2011 2011 Legislative Update Texas Probate, Guardianship and Trust Legislation
Glenn M. Karisch, JD - The Karisch Law Firm, PLLC
September 20, 2011 2011-2012 Kick-Off Mixer
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