It's All Greek to Me: Explaining Tax-Driven Trust Provisions for Non-Tax Professionals

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: Luncheon at San Antonio Country Club
Speaker: Christian Kelso of Farrow-Gillespie Heath Wilmoth LLP

"It's All Greek to Me: Explaining Tax-Driven Trust Provisions for Non-Tax Professionals"

Description & Objective:  This presentation begins with a very brief overview of the history and sources of trust law in Texas.  It continues with an overview of the sources of tax law applicable to Texas trusts.  It then focuses in on estate and gift tax issues, covering i) the annual exclusion (8min), ii) powers of appointment, and iii) marital deduction planning.  Next, the presentation covers income tax issues, including i) IRAs, ii) s-corp stock, iii) basis adjustment, and iv) grantor trusts.  After this, the presentation generation-skipping transfer tax issues, including i) survivorship provisions, ii) resetting GST, and iii) inclusion ratios.  The presentation then covers state tax issues briefly before recapping some main takeaways.

  • Prerequisites:  None
  • Experience Level: Overview
  • Advanced Preparation: None
  • Teaching Method: Lecture

CE Submission:

  • CLE - 1 Hour Approved 
  • CFP - 1 Hour Approved
  • CPE - 1 Hour Approved
  • CTFA - 1.25 Hours Approved

Event Information:  Registration will open at 11:30am - Program will begin at 12:00pm.  NOTICE:  Please arrive early as the country club is under extensive renovations and parking spaces close to the front entrance may not be available.

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