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Multigenerational Wealth Transfer: Getting a Legacy Up 12/23/2013
Assets at Risk - A Personal Property & Casualty Checklist for You and Your Clients 12/23/2013
Recent Developments in Appraising Interests in Family Investment Entities 12/17/2013
Lifetime Wealth Transfer Strategies 12/23/2013
Practices Before the IRS 12/17/2013
What Every Tax Advisor Needs to Know about Hedge Funds-Powerpoint 12/23/2013
Identifying Risk Using Personal Risk Management to Help Protect Your Clients' Wealth 12/17/2013
What Every Tax Advisor Needs to Know About Hedge Funds 12/23/2013
Ten IRA Mistakes 12/04/2008
Structuring Annuity Contracts 09/26/2008


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Current Status of IRS Examinations of Estate and Gift Tax Returns 12/17/2013
Estate Planning in Changing and Challenging Financial Times 12/23/2013
Life Insurance Planning Financed Premiums Attendee 11/03/2009
Premium Financing as a Tool for Life Ins. Funding 11/02/2009
Breaking Up is Hard to Do-Estate Planning Consequences of Divorce 12/23/2013
Long Term Care in Estate Planning 02/11/2009
Recent Developments in Charitable Gift Planning 01/13/2009
The Most Compelling Planning Opportunities in Today's Market 12/17/2013
Planning for the Birds, the Cats, the Dogs, and the Horses 12/17/2013


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Making the Power of Attorney Powerful 05/12/2010
Current Developments with Family Limited Partnerships 12/23/2013
Converting Your Closely Held Business Equity to Ca 03/22/2010
Case Studies in Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits 12/23/2013
Some of the Best Estate Planning Ideas We See Out There - PPT PRESENTATION 12/23/2013
Some of the Best Estate Planning Ideas We See Out There - OUTLINE 12/23/2013
Thawing the Freeze of Planning Procrastination and Taking a Last Satisfying Bite of the Sub-10 Year 12/17/2013
Practicing in Interesting Times--Administering Estates in 2010 12/17/2013


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Dodging Landmines Business Transition Planning 01/06/2011
Blue Screen of Death - Common Non-Tax Errors and H 12/14/2010
Valuation and Sale of Artwork and Collectibles 12/19/2011
Overview of Elder Law & Medicaid Administration 11/15/2011
Overview of Elder Law and Medicaid Administration 11/14/2011
Elder Law Overview and Medicaid Administration 11/01/2011
Top Ten Things to Do Now 10/17/2011
2011 Legislative Update Texas Probate Guardianship 10/12/2011
Charitable Planning Opportunities-Charitable Remai 05/11/2011
Charitable Planning Opportunities-Charitable Lead 05/11/2011
Charitable Planning Opportunities-Public Charities & Private Foundations-Ref. Outline 12/17/2013
Charitable Planning Opportunities-Case Study Examp 05/11/2011
Post-Death Tax Planning 04/13/2011
Don?t Give Up on Discounts 03/15/2011
FLP Paper Schedules 02/15/2011
Some of the Best Family Limited Partnership Planni 02/03/2011


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US Tax Implications of Foreign Investment in US Re 05/14/2012
Practical Estate Planning for Oil and Gas Royalty 02/27/2012
Recent Developments in Estate Planning 01/03/2012
What I Would Like to Know About the Life Insurance Business 12/17/2013
Overview of US Interest Income Exempt from US Income Taxation for the Foreign Investor 12/17/2013
Foreign Bank Account Reports - 2011 Regulations Extend Rules to Many Unaware Persons 12/17/2013
Discretionary Distributions Old Rules and New Perspectives - Leslie Amann 12/17/2013
Coming to America The Throwback Tax's Ugly Head - The Non-Resident Alien Cum Resident as Beneficiary 12/17/2013
An Estate Planner's View of Life Insurance and Annuity Products for Medium-Size Estates 12/17/2013
Legal Smarts for Families with Special Needs Child 12/18/2012
Julia Nickerson - Household Expenses Worksheet 12/18/2012
Standard of Care - Handout 10/12/2012
Estate Planning for Multi-National Families 05/14/2012
Proposed Guidance in FBARS and Foreign Person 05/14/2012
US Estate Planning FAQs 05/14/2012


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Recent Developments Affecting Estate Planning 12/02/2013
How to Work with IRS Strategies for Estate and Gift Tax Attorneys 12/17/2013
Conducting the Royalty Owners Audit - 11.12.13 11/12/2013
Captive Insurance Companies: The Next Estate Tax Planning Frontier 10/22/2013
Business and Estate Documents - Coordinating Plann 04/12/2013
Life Insurance Audit - Formalized Policy Review 03/18/2013
Second Generation Estate Planning Human Side of Es 03/18/2013


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So You Think You Know Everything About Life Insurance Think Again - Outline 02/20/2014
Trust Decanting - Heather Flanagan 02/19/2014
Tax and Estate Planning Following the Portability Regulations and the ATRA Outline - 01.14.14 01/14/2014
Abstract - Risk Mgmt and the Evaluation of Life Insurance - 12.16.14 11/19/2014
Risk Mgmt and the Evaluation of Life Ins Policies for the Prof & Amateur Trustee - Handout - 12.16.1 11/19/2014
Presentation Article - 11.18.14 11/18/2014
Business Succession Issues Involving Second and Third Generations that Have no Desire to be Partners 11/12/2014
Mineral Estate Evaluation - w/ Corrected Slide - 10.21.14 Program 10/22/2014
Asset Protection Planning - State of the Art for 2014 04/16/2014
Addition by Subtraction: Build Wealth for Tomorrow by Deferring Taxes Today 03/18/2014


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Texas Agriculture Land Trust 10/21/2015
Distribution Provisions: Say What You Mean - Mean What You Say 10/14/2015
Membership Application - 2015-2016 07/16/2015
Cyber Estate Planning and Administration 05/12/2015
What We Have Learned from Litigating Family Limited Partnerships 03/31/2015
Planning for the 3.8% Surtax and the 20% Tax on Trust Capital Gains 02/19/2015
US - Mexico Cross-Border Estate Planning: Planning Techniques from a U.S. and Mexican Perspective 02/03/2015
Recent Developments Affecting Estate Planning 01/20/2015
Hot Topics Current Developments 12/16/2015
Estate Planning Current Developments - 12.15.15 12/07/2015
Estate Planning Current Developments 12/01/2015


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The Value of Social Security in Estate Planning 09/29/2016
Estate & Charitable Gift Planning Institute Social Media Toolkit 07/19/2016
Kick-Off Mixer Invitation - 2016-2017 07/18/2016
Membership Application - 2016-2017 07/18/2016
Corpus Christi 43rd Annual EP Seminar 05/02/2016
Partnership Freeze as an Alternative to a GRAT or SGT 03/22/2016
2016 Texas Economic Outlook: Riding the Energy Roller Coaster 03/22/2016
A Framework of Approaching Life Insurance - REVISED 02/16/2016
Docket Call - Friday Agenda - 02.12.16 01/12/2016
Docket Call - Thursday Agenda - 02.11.16 01/12/2016
Docket Call Registration Form 2016 01/11/2016
Docket Call 2016 01/06/2016
2016 In Review: A Charitable Planning Update 10/18/2016
Lanie Starkey Presentation 10/14/2016


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1031 Exchange Overview 12/06/2017
ALT CTRL DELETE: Protecting Your Digital Legacy under the New Texas Law 10/18/2017
2017 Legislative Update - Beyer 10/17/2017
Legislative Update - Outline 10/16/2017
Kick-Off Mixer Invitation 08/09/2017
Membership Application 09/17-05/18 08/09/2017
Current and Anticipated Trends in Transfer Tax Litigation 03/21/2017
Financial Exploitation - If It's Not Your Money, It's A Crime 03/15/2017
Consider ESOPs as an Estate Plan Component for Business Owners 01/25/2017
Recent Developments Affecting Estate Planning 01/12/2017


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F.A.S.T 03/20/18 Presentation 03/19/2018
Trumping Uncertainty 02/21/2018
Docket Call Brochure - 2018 01/09/2018
Oil and Gas Valuation for Estate and Gift 01/09/2018
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